MicroLite USB Temperature Logger (8K Memory)



This MicroLite logger includes an internal temperature sensor measuring over a range of -40 to 80 ˚C (-40 to 176 °F), with accuracy of ±0.3 ˚C. Available in two models, Offering 8,000 sample cyclic memory, the MicroLite Temp logger features a USB interface for easy connection to a PC for user configuration, data download and sensor calibration using the free Windows-based DataSuite data analysis software.

You can setup low and high alarm thresholds and view the logger data on the 4-digit LCD, which scrolls between the current and minimum/maximum readings. The LED provides additional sample and alarm indication in the event the LCD is off due to the MicroLite's power save mode.

The logger is designed for both portable and stationary multi-use operation with a replaceable 3V coin battery lasting up to 1.5 years, depending on the operating conditions.


The MicroLite is dust and water resistant to IP67 standard, and together with the DataSuite software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.


Key product benefits:

  • Measurement range of -40 to 80 °C
  • Direct USB interface for setup, alarm  and data download
  • Supporting Boomerang feature for automatic emailing of PDF report on PC connection
  • Multiple activation modes: Timer, Push to Run, Immediate
  • LED for alarm and sampling indication
  • Four-digit LCD with decimal point
  • Up to 32K cyclic sample memory
  • Free DataSuite software supporting data analysis and device setup
  • Dust and water resistant, IP67

Temperature Range

-40 to 80 °C (-40 to 176 °F)


Temperature Accuracy

±0.3˚C @ 0 to 60 ˚C

After calibration only:

±0.3 ˚C @ -40 to 0 ˚C and 60 to 80 ˚C

Temperature Resolution

0.03 °C or better

Sample Memory

8,000 samples

Sampling Rate

Minimum: Once every second

Maximum: Once every 18 hours

Auto PDF & Email Delivery (Boomerang Feature)



Four-digit, 7-segment LCD with decimal point


Yes, for alarm and sampling indication

PC Interface

Direct USB

Battery Type

Replaceable CR2032 3V lithium battery

Battery Life

~ 1.5 years depending on sampling rate and operating conditions


11 x 3.9 x 2.6 cm


45.5 g

Wall Mount

Logger cradle accessory provided

Operating Environment

-40 to 80 °C

Standards Compliance

21 CFR Part 11, CE, EN12830, IP67

DataSuite Software for MicroLite
DatPass CFR Admin Software for MicroLite
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