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weboomerang is Fourtec's cloud-based solution for automatically sending your logger's trip report as soon as the shipment has reached its destination. It supports the PicoLite, MicroLite II and MicroLogPRO II USB data loggers.

"I need immediate access to my logger data post-shipment.
How can the weboomerang help me?"

For temperature-critical shipments, both controlling and monitoring temperature levels during transportation are incredibly challenging. And if that's not enough, once the shipment has reached its destination, the shipper demands immediate access to the data collected over the course of the journey. Otherwise, the integrity of the entire shipment could be at stake. You need an instant and easy solution for getting the critical data off the logger and into the hands of the quality control team.

Introducing the weboomerang...

Combining Fourtec’s innovative Boomerang feature with the weboomerang application, you can automatically receive a detailed trip report via email, in PDF format, as soon as the logger is connected to the PC during transit or at the final destination. No need for DataSuite software installation or local email clients on the destination PC. You just connect the logger and the weboomerang application handles the rest, up until the report reaches your inbox.


How does the weboomerang work?
Latest Software Version weboomerang v2.0
Software Activation Free to use, no activation is required
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista, 7 and 8 (32 and 64-bit).
System Requirements: Windows Installer 4.5; Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and Update for .NET Framework 4 (KB2468871)
Note: If your system is missing these components, they will be automatically installed during the weboomerang installation process 

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