USB over IP Ethernet Adapter for Remote Device Connection


The 4-port USB over IP Ethernet Adapter provides the capability for remotely connecting to any Fourtec USB-supported device over a LAN connection. For example, if you need to monitor the DataNet wireless system remotely and not from an onsite PC, simply connect the DataNet Receiver to the USB over IP device, and as long as you are on the same LAN, launching the DataSuite software will automatically detect the DataNet network as if you were connected to the Receiver directly via the USB cable. You will then be able to monitor the entire system as normal.

Windows® XP x86 / XP 64-bit

Windows® Vista/7 X86 / Vista/7 64-bit

Windows® 2000

233 MHz Pentium® II or above

64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)

CD-ROM drive for installation

DataNet Receiver/Repeater
DataNet Wireless Temperature Logger
DataNet Wireless Temperature and Humidity Logger
DaqLink Temperature Logger
DaqLink Temperature and Humidity Logger
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