External Siren + Strobe Alarm


The External Siren and Strobe Alarm is an external alarm device featuring both a loud audible siren and a strobe light, compatible with Fourtec’s DataNet and DaqLink systems. The compact and heavy-duty ABS case suits both indoor and outdoor applications, and is shipped with an external 12 V universal power supply.

For high reliability the alarm's electronic circuitry is sealed and protected in separate internal housing.

Connects to DataNet DNR900 or DNL9xx loggers, or DaqLink loggers

LED strobe light, output 40,000 candles

110 dB Siren (can be disabled)

External 12 V universal power supply included


ABS, IP55 compliant


H = 22, W = 15, D = 9 (cm)

Operating Temp:

-25 to +70 C°


1 kg

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