Company News

Fourtec announces the release of updated DataSuite software v2.2.0.0, together with new firmware releases for MicroLite II, MicroLogPRO II, Mini DataNet and PicoLite data loggers

This consolidated product release introduces a host of new features, improves existing functionality and fixes bugs, to ensure optimal performance and results. MicroLite II and MicroLogPRO II releases include the most comprehensive updates, with the remaining products undergoing more routine changes.


All new firmware and software versions are available for download from within the DataSuite software (Help > Check for Updates) for existing installations. A new setup file for fresh installations is also available for download from the Fourtec Download Center.


 Summary of Released Versions:

  • DataSuite software v2.2.0.0
  • MicroLite II v1.02 firmware
  • MicroLogPRO II Rev B v2.01 firmware
  • Mini DataNet v3.00 firmware
  • PicoLite v1.10 firmware