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DataNet Solution - Monitoring at a Defense and Aerospace Facility.

The necessity for accurate monitoring at all times while testing is performed within environmental operational conditions throughout the research and development process of nuclear components.

Application: Defense and Aerospace Research Facility  
Organization: Research and Development of Nuclear Components

Major aerospace and defense contractors plan their research and development to meet the needs of national defense and global security. Technological advancements, sophistication and efficiency in systems are among the most urgent global requirements today. To prevent a main core accident in nuclear reactors, instrumentation with a proven record of quality and serviceability must provide fast, and reliable data.
About the Customer:

Chambers are used to test any combination of sensitivity and environmental operational conditions during the development of nuclear components. This research and development facility must ensure that, during testing, the environment within the chamber is accurately monitored and documented at all times. 

Key Customer Challenges:

The need to constantly measure humidity  with accuracy of <1% at values <10% within the chamber during the testing process. The need for a sturdy system to prevent breaks in transmission and immediate warnings in the event of transmission delays to ensure regular report delivery.


DataNet Implementation:

  • A multi-point, online, wireless data monitoring system consisting of 20 units has been implemented across 4 sites monitoring temperature and humidity with 5 x DNL910 temperature loggers and 4 x Receivers and 11 Repeaters.
  • With a high accuracy input of 4-20 mA connected via an external RH transmitter at 1% accuracy transmitted wirelessly over the DataNet network to the online DataSuite monitoring software.
  • Each Receiver manages a single network and is powered by the DataSuite data analysis software. Each network then uses repeaters to expand the transmission range within that network.

  Measurable Results:

  • Centralized data collection- powered by the central management inferface, data is monitored online with detailed data analysis features issuing online system reports.
  • Automated warnings in the event of a problem - protected by four alarm levels, SMS and email alerts, together with emergency night procedures.
  • Recurring report delivery - data is transferred into report format in both Excel and PDF and delivered at regular intervals to a selected distribution list.
  • A strong flexible system - leveraging the SRR short range repeater mode which overcomes RF transmission hurdles in the network.

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