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DataNet Solution - Monitoring Temperature and Humidity of Biological Samples at a Biobank Facility

A biobank is a type of biorepository that stores biological samples (usually human) for use in research. Biobanks have become an important resource in medical research and provide researchers with access to data that can often be used by multiple researchers for cross purpose research studies. Biobanks are experts in transporting, storing, and handling specialized biological samples and material at cryogenic temperatures to ensure the safety and integrity of the samples and therefore confidence in research. 

Application: Biobanking

Organization: Health Care Facility

About the Customer:


A large Healthcare Facility in Singapore which processes biospecimens before storage to minimize freeze-thaw cycles providing accuracy in both data and tracking. With a central laboratory which provides sample bioprocessing they have the need for a real-time monitoring system that provides a complete data set and audit trail for every sample.

 Key Customer Challenges:


The customer must record sample rates every 15 minutes of ambient temperature and humidity of -80C inside freezers within their warehouse.

DataNet Implementation:


The DataNet multi-point, online, wireless data monitoring system was set up via one receiver which was connected via USB to a Windows-based PC. The other 12 wireless DNL920A data loggers were spaced out in the open warehouse, set at a sample rate of 15 minutes. Each DNL920A data logger was hooked up to an external PT100 probe enabling both ambient temperature and humidity to be monitored at -80C and to be recorded simultaneously. 


Measurable Results:

Zero data loss - The units internal memory stores data, no matter what transmission disruptions occur, allowing full data retrieval and transfer at any time.

 Cost effective - Up to 4 external sensors can be hooked up to each data logger at the same time that the logger is tracking temperature and humidity via the internal sensors, making installation of this unique solution extremely cost effective.


Reliable monitoring - ZigBee technology overcomes transmission obstacles, automatically finding the most cost effective, efficient and secured data path to the PC. As units are constantly relocated, or Repeaters introduced to increase the network range, the intelligent system remains flexible and trustworthy.

 User-friendly software - In this complicated and large-scale environment, the DataNet software provides a clear visual map of the data network path, deployed units, alarms indications, and data strength and flow throughout the facility.

 Meeting regulatory requirements - Using the data export to 

Excel ™ feature proves data integrity and the intuitive Reports module provides transparent data records for achieving regulatory compliance.  


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