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MicroLite: Monitoring Temperature and Humidity to Assess Energy Saving Initiatives

Green construction is the building of homes designed to reduce environmental impact in such a way that we meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. An energy-efficient home retains the best quality living environment for its occupants living while minimizing the consumption and waste of energy.

Application: Green Construction                             
Organization: Sustainable Housing Developer

About the Customer:

The customer, one of the top 20 green construction companies in Canada, strives to meet standards in high performance building by creating innovative structures that blend form with function and are in harmony with the environment. With the use of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle the company must find the balance that complements classical building design concerns.

Key Customer Challenges:

The company must minimise energy use and evaluate the performance of energy saving measures. High temperature and humidity levels can increase concentrations of indoor pollutants, monitoring is an essential tool for the independent measurements needed in order to meet performance expectations and ensure pollutant levels remain low. High performance windows reduce heat transfer and energy loss, the window surfaces can improve comfort and minimize condensation but these parameters must be checked. For this purpose the company must have stand-alone and unobtrusive data loggers for use in occupied dwellings to confirm that the measures they have put into place are effective.

Solution Implementation:
Up to ten MicroLite temperature and relative humidity loggers are deployed in each building and the recorded data is analysed to establish whether performance is in line with expectations set up according to regulatory guidelines.

Measurable Results:

The MicroLite Temp/RH logger features a USB interface for easy connection to a PC for user configuration.

Cradle for wall mounting ensures that the loggers can be used proactively in the optimization of building performance.

Designed for both portable and stationary multi-use operation with a replaceable 3V coin battery, it can be moved from site to site, minimizing costs. 

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