PicoLite Single-trip USB Temperature data Logger


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The compact and easy-to-use PicoLite USB data logger provides an ideal solution for temperature monitoring throughout the cold chain transportation network. Combined with the weboomerang™ feature, an innovative solution for automatically emailing trip reports back to the shipper, the PicoLite successfully meets the challenge of combining low cost, functionality and reliability for single-trip, low cost data logging.

Direct USB connectivity, a built-in temperature sensor, activation button and bi-color alarm LED are all key elements of the PicoLite’s user-friendly design, helping reduce overheads associated with more complex multi-trip loggers in the mass transportation market. Fourtec’s license-free DataSuite software is also used to configure the logger prior to shipment.

Internal Temperature sensor range
-40 to 80 °C
0.5 °C across the range
Sample Memory
16,000 samples
Sampling rate
One per minute to once every 18 hours
LED Indicator
Bi-color LED for sampling and alarm indication
Activation modes
Immediate, Push to Run (with optional delay), Timer Run
PC Communication
Via direct USB interface
Battery type, lifetime
CR2032/ Up to 6 months at one per min. sampling, non-replaceable
Operating Environment
-40°C to 80°C
74 mm x 30 mm x 13 mm
15 g
Standards Compliance
IP68, CE, EN12830

Key PicoLite Benefits: 

  • Low cost, single-trip logger for an unbroken cold chain
  • Internal, high accuracy temperature sensor
  • Unique weboomerang™ feature that automatically creates and emails PDF data report when logger is connected to PC
  • Direct USB interface for PC communication
  • 16,000 sample memory accommodating long distance transports
  • Software enabled activation button to start logging and mark time stamps
  • Built in bi-color LED for logging and immediate alarm indication
  • Supported by the complimentary DataSuite software for data analysis and alarm notification
  • Water and dust resistant IP68
  • Delayed push button activation