Fourtec Quality Policy

Fourtec acknowledges that in order to succeed in a competitive arena, we must provide reliable and efficient customer service, as well as ensuring consistent high quality of all products, produced by the company. For this purpose we have established a Quality Management System, meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Our Quality Management System is designed to ensure full customer satisfaction, while reducing production costs, limiting environmental footprint and maintaining company profitability. To achieve these targets, the following points must be observed:

  • Ensure full alignment of our products with the technical and operational specifications and requirements of environmental-related issues.
  • Follow deadlines and demands agreed upon with our clients.
  • Provide quality professional service including the response to customer applications also following product delivery, in accordance with the company Service Level Agreement.
  • Enhance awareness and the importance of quality, and environmental quality among our employees.

We are committed to take all necessary measures to ensure a continuous and lasting process of enhancements in the products and services supplied to customers.

We will allocate all necessary resources, set measurable quality goals and objectives, guide employees and conduct surveys in order to monitor the implementation of procedures and set improvement possibilities, within the quality management system.

We will verify fulfillment of all laws, regulations and standards referring to the company’s course of actions.