DataNet Wireless data Loggers

  • Real-time monitoring system, with ZigBee wireless technology
  • Operates on license-free 2.4 GHz RF frequency
  • Wireless infrastructure suitable for multiple industrial applications
  • Robust network with auto-rerouting, data recovery and long-range transmission
  • RF loggers measuring temperature, voltage, current, pulse, frequency and dry contact
  • System alarms notifications via SMS, email and external siren
  • Low-power consumption for long logger battery life
  • Supported by feature-rich DataSuite software for network configuration and data analysis
The DataNet wireless system is a data acquisition solution developed for 24/7 real-time monitoring for mission critical organizations. Boasting a variety of wireless data logger models using ZigBee RF technology, the DataNet solution is capable of measuring parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, voltage, current, or frequency. Choose from DataNet models offering up to 6 inputs or the more cost-effective single or dual input Mini DataNet range, depending on your application requirements. Each DataNet mesh network is managed by a Receiver connected via USB to a Windows-based PC, and also supports addition of wireless Repeater units for extending the network transmission range and improving network robustness.
Powered by the DataSuite software The DataNet system is powered by the intuitive DataSuite software, the central management interface of each DataNet wireless network. Data is monitored online and can be displayed in graphical and tabular formats, with comprehensive features for detailed data analysis, issuing system reports, as well as network configuration, logger calibration and over-the-air firmware updates.