Food Manufacturing

Fourtec’s solutions focus on ensuring food safety, preventing foodborne illnesses and reducing food loss and waste. Fourtec provides advanced Temperature and Humidity data loggers for maintaining food integrity and quality across various stages including cultivation, harvesting, storage, processing, and distribution.

Universities & Research Centers

Fourtec’s products are being used daily in leading Universities and Research Centers, whenever environmental monitoring is required. Monitoring environmental conditions is crucial for scientific research and experimentation when wishing to comply with research protocols and supporting research outcomes' reliability.

Warehouse & Museums

Fourtec’s solutions address the critical need for precise Temperature and Humidity monitoring in storage areas, warehouses and museums. Fluctuations in moisture and Temperature can cause significant damage to sensitive products including raw materials and products for the food industry (vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, dairy products, coffee, flowers etc.), finished products, medicines, laboratory tests or works of art. Therefore, reliable and precise monitoring solutions that adhere to relevant standards are indispensable in these environments.

Catering, Ready Meal Kits, Food Services & Hospitality

Fourtec focuses on ensuring the safety and quality of food services such as in Hospitality, Restaurants, Catering, Ready Meal Kits and others. It addresses the challenge of maintaining appropriate Temperature and Humidity during the preparation, storing and transportation of food and enables lifetime data track of all the loggers’ measurements as required by the new FDA regulations.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Sites

Fourtec’s solutions are designed to collect essential environmental data and alert on abnormalities during the pharmaceutical production process. Maintaining precise Temperature and Humidity levels is vital to ensure the stability and efficacy of pharmaceutical products and comply with industry regulations and quality standards.

Industrial Applications

Fourtec’s industrial monitoring solutions are being used by leading electronics, semiconductors, and industrial manufacturers. Leading companies in the fields of aviation, the automotive industry, metal processing, production of electronic components and products, computers and communications monitor their production processes with Fourtec’s products, ensuring their product quality and efficiency.

Agriculture & Aquaculture, Pre & Post Harvest-

Fourtec’s solutions offer environmental monitoring control to enhance quality, productivity and reduce food loss.. This includes accurate Temperature and Humidity monitoring for both pre and post-harvest stages, analyzing data, and a lifetime data track of all data measurements. Controlling critical environmental factors will support maximizing yield, preventing spoilage, and ensuring the overall integrity of agricultural and aquaculture products, from the field or water to the storage and distribution stages.


Pharmacies are required to comply with health regulations and ensure proper storage conditions. Fourtec’s solutions, located in hundreds of pharmacies all over the globe, assist in ensuring the proper storage conditions of medications, vaccines and pharmaceutical products to preserve the efficiency and safety of medicines.

Wholesale & Retail

Food and beverage wholesalers, supermarkets, convenience stores, deli stores, and anyone who prepares, delivers, and stores food are required to monitor Temperature and Humidity to preserve the quality and safety of food items and reduce waste. Fourtec provides several monitoring solutions that can meet different customer requirements depending on the level of product complexity, memory size, alert levels and the need to save and display the collected data.

Hospital Environments

Fourtec’s solutions provide critical support in maintaining stringent Temperature and Humidity controls essential for rooms and areas that require refrigeration and Temperature control, patient care and medical material storage. This includes monitoring environments where medications, vaccines, and other Temperature-sensitive medical supplies are stored, as well as operating and medical treatment rooms. Effective environmental control in hospitals is vital for patient safety, reducing the risk of infection, and ensuring the efficacy of stored medical products.


Fourtec provides essential environmental monitoring tools to maintain the precision and accuracy required in lab work settings. Fourtec’s solutions support ensuring stable and controlled conditions, which are critical for a wide range of laboratory experiments and tests. This level of control is key for scientific reliability, ensuring that experimental results are consistent and replicable.

Export, In-land & Last Mile Delivery Transportation

Transportation, and last-mile delivery, are critical components of the supply chain as it involves transporting of raw materials and goods to their final distribution hub and end consumer. This stage is often the most challenging and can ensure food safety, food shelf life, the reduction of food loss, and make or break the customer experience. One of the main challenges is maintaining the Temperature & Humidity of the goods being transported. Fourtec's compatible and easy-to-use loggers, the MicroLite, PicoLite , BluLite & SingleRide, can be placed inside the shipping container or package. The data can be accessed remotely via the FourtecLite app or by connecting the logger to a computer and downloading the DataSuite software for the desktop.