Agriculture & Aquaculture

Use Fourtec’s solutions for monitoring temperature and humidity in various agriculture and aquaculture processes

Cold Chain

Fourtec solutions answer the cold chain industry’s challenges from production to the last mile

Food & Food Processing

Fourtec offers HACCP compliant data loggers for keeping your food safe throughout the food cycle

Hospital Environments

Fourtec’s solutions suit medical-related applications, while complying with the industry’s strict regulations


Use Fourtec’s solution for monitoring a wide array of laboratories applications using different parameters


Museums use Fourtec’s data logging solutions to answer most of their monitoring challenges

Pharma Industry

21 CFR Part 11 compliant data logging solutions suiting different pharmaceutical processes


Shipment and transportation processes can be monitored with various Fourtec data logging solutions

Warehouse Storage

Use Fourtec’s solutions to ensure sufficient storage conditions of perishable goods