MicroLite USB data Loggers

  • Accurate measurement of temperature, humidity, current and voltage
  • Compact size for applications requiring mobile logging, such as transportation
  • Direct USB interface to PC. No cables required
  • Unique Boomerang feature that automatically creates and emails PDF data report when logger is connected to PC
  • Up to 32K cyclic memory
  • LCD for real-time data and battery display
  • LED for alarm and sampling indication
  • Magnet key for standalone logger activation
  • Easily replaceable battery with up to 1.5-year life, in normal operating conditions
  • Cradle for wall mounting
  • Dust and water resistant (depending on logger model)
  • Free DataSuite software for Windows for data analysis and device setup
  • Free FourtecLite Android App for data analysis and device setup
The family of MicroLite USB data loggers includes six models covering temperature, humidity, current and voltage measurements, providing the ideal solution for a wide range of industrial applications. Combining innovation with simplicity, the MicroLite product line offers cost effective logging, with rich functionality in a compact design, direct USB connection, multi-trip usage, and high measurement accuracy and resolution. Real-time sensor readings with a corresponding time stamp are clearly displayed on the logger’s LCD screen, incorporating alarm thresholds. The logger is designed for low power consumption to extend battery life and reduce the time between battery replacements. The comprehensive MicroLite range allows you to select the device most appropriate to your mission-critical application.