PicoLite Solution Monitoring temperature for freight logging of veterinary pharmaceuticals and consumables

Effective temperature controlled freight logging processes require control and compliance with high industry standards this includes the transportation of veterinary pharmaceuticals and consumables which require temperature control and monitoring to ensure quality and safety of goods at the final destination.

About the Customer:

As a specialist manufacturer of veterinary pet care products providing pharmaceuticals, instruments and consumables to the veterinary profession across Europe with the need for their product to be shipped at a specific temperature, the customer cannot afford limited options, they need integrated and accurate temperature controlled shipping solutions.

Key Customer Challenges:

Control and monitoring of temperature during transportation to ensure product quality and safety of the veterinary pharmaceuticals and consumables to their distributors. Report production, complete with alarm indications of fluctuations, for verification that the pharmaceuticals and consumables remained at required temperature for the entire shipment. Reduction of shipping costs incurred for the return of the logger to the production plant for data analysis as well as a larger sample memory for longer cross border shipments.

PicoLite Implementation:

The company added Fourtec’s PicoLite single-trip, low-cost, USB data logger to the freight packaging of their veterinary pharmaceuticals and consumables from the production plant to the various destinations in Europe. The PicoLite device is placed inside a cooled container in which the products are transported. The PicoLite device monitors the temperature during shipment, enabling the company to view the data by connecting the device via USB to the computer upon arrival, verifing that the required temperature was in fact maintained. A PDF report complete with alarm indications, specifying any deviations from pre-defined thresholds that may have occured during transportation, is automatically generated as soon as the product shipment has reached its destination with the license-free DataSuite software. Also available is the Fourtec weboomerang® application which automatically creates and emails a PDF report to a predefined email address when connected to computer via USB.

Measurable Results:

The PicoLite proved to be a cost effective solution, providing accurate and reliable data with detailed analysis of shipments from origin to destination. The PicoLite single-trip logger cuts out the overhead associated with returning multi-trip data loggers back to the shipper, as well as eliminating the risk that the logger itself is lost. The weboomerang application overcomes the challenge of quickly receiving the trip’s data reports from its customers. When the logger is connected to the computer, the weboomerang™ application handles the rest, up until the point where the report reaches the intended recipients’ inbox.