Combating Food Loss and Ensuring Safety: The Dual Role of Temperature and Humidity Monitoring in Our Global Food System

On World Food Day, which takes place each year on October 16th, Fourtec focuses on two crucial aspects of our global food system: food loss and waste and food safety. These issues are intertwined, affecting both the quantity and quality of the food we produce and consume.

Food safety is a multifaceted concern influenced by both internal and external factors. Temperature and humidity control throughout the entire food supply chain, from post-harvest storage to processing and transportation of finished products, is paramount in preventing foodborne illnesses and ensuring food safety. Fourtec’s data loggers, complemented by their DataSuite software and the FourtecLite Android app, provide essential temperature and humidity monitoring solutions, facilitating data analysis, lifetime data storage, and ensuring the integrity of food safety procedures.

Simultaneously, we cannot ignore the alarming issue of food loss and waste. As Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, pointed out, “If food loss and waste were a nation, it would be the third-largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.” This problem extends beyond environmental concerns; it exacerbates food insecurity and contributes to global crises such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution.

The Food Waste Index Report from the UN highlights disparities in food waste across regions, with developed countries primarily responsible for consumer-level waste, while developing nations bear the burden of production, storage, and transportation losses. To tackle this issue, we must ensure that proper temperature control is maintained throughout the food supply chain, not only to reduce waste but also to enhance food safety.